YouTube Channel Optimization: Reviews & Statistics

If you are interested in promoting your firm online, do not forget to take care of your reputation. There are millions of companies in the world, and in order for a potential consumer to choose yours, you must create in his head the idea that you are the best company in the industry. Already have a YouTube channel? Excellent! Use it to turn a prospect into a real one. There are two ways to build a reputation.

People love statistics

Position yourself as a reliable source of information, provide videos with numbers and statistics on your market in a fun and easily accessible form. People love statistics, and if you collect interesting information, they will share your video with interested colleagues.

Here are the simple steps to create a video with statistics that are meaningful to the market in which you operate:

- Gather interesting information and figures about your market.

- choose impressive music, for example on Premiumbeat. com

Find someone familiar with Adobe After Effects to combine information with picture and music.

Remember, people don't need data, they need information. If you provide a table with a bunch of numbers for the last three years, the viewer will not understand anything, but if you draw a diagram that clearly shows the growth in the number of customers of your company, the subscriber will form a positive opinion of you as a fast-growing company in his head.

History of success

There is nothing more powerful than a first-person feedback on how your product or service has helped improve a consumer's life.

Feedback doesn't have to be flawless or polished. You can record the interview with a mobile phone camera or a simple webcam. It's even better if you ask your customers to record their success stories themselves and send you links so you can post them on your channel and add them to your favorites.

Here's an easy way to get interesting stories from your customers' lives:

- introduction. Ask the buyer to introduce themselves. So they will prove that they are not dummies.

- what happened before. Ask them to share what made them look for a product or service similar to yours.

- choice. Remind me to explain why you were chosen. For example, if a client from the suburbs was looking for SEO services, then why did he choose your company to promote websites in Serpukhov?

- what happened next. Convince to share the experience of how your product or service has improved a consumer's life.

Already posted a few links to reviews about your company and now regularly update your subscribers on the state of the art in the industry? Wonderful! All that remains is to figure out how you can advertise your YouTube channel without being tied to your firm's profile.

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