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We will take a look at how this is implemented at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced level, and take a look at some of the aspects pertaining to different companies, as well. More at

Below, check out our interactive table that lists a variety of great sounding digital pianos–everything from instruments better suited for beginners to ones more apt for intermediates and even advanced players.

These instruments are lighter alternatives to a grand piano with similar layout, keys and sound action. With a number of brands and models available, you can research and look for varied features that these digital pianos offer in order to get complete understanding and to opt for a suitable choice.

Digital pianos are not only suitable for professional pianists but it is also a great option for learners and students of all ages including kids too. The only daunting task is to get a digital piano that fulfills all your requirements and that you can play confidently.

Look for a portable, versatile, cost effective and technically updated improved sound version offering connectivity, recording, sound amplifiers and other impressive features. Check our reviews and recommendations in order to consider what others have to say about a particular digital piano model and you will be able to guide yourself confidently towards a fine purchase.

How to hone in on the right model

Here are the key considerations:

Your experience/skill level – If you’re an absolute beginner, a low-cost model with some built-in learning tools may well suffice until you’re ready to step up to a more advanced digital piano.

On the other hand, if you’re an intermediate or advanced pianist, you’ll likely want to be more selective about touch response and velocity sensitivity discussed under Digital Piano Features below.

Check the dimensions – Make sure the piano will fit in the space(s) you have in mind. If you’re purchasing the piano for a child, check if the keyboard height is appropriate. (Adjustable stands, or in a pinch a phone book under the pedal(s), can help solve any mismatches.)

Portability/storability – If you expect to store the digital piano or travel with it, check the weight and the ease with which it can be broken down.

One of the biggest key elements in buying a digital keyboard piano, regardless if you are a student or professional pianist, is to have it sound, as natural as, possible to an acoustic piano.

If it doesn’t have a natural authentic sound to it, than the piano keyboard really defeats the purpose of playing it all. The best piano sounding keyboard will have a high quality recording built into the sound board.

To answer the question “which is the best digital piano on the market?” we must sort out different aspects that make a difference, to give you, our reader, the best digital piano that will surely meet your needs and make you feel great about your choice.

1.Casio PX850 Privia Digital Piano

Casio PX850 Privia Digital Piano
Casio PX850 Privia Digital Piano

Our choice for the best digital piano must be Casio PX850 Privia. Apart from the fact that it has the best value for money rapport, it is the best choice for a piano between the small digital keyboard and the acoustic piano.

It is the best choice for beginners as it offers the same features as an acoustic piano but at a much lower cost. It has a great design and dimensions that will fit even in smaller places. Weighing 81.4 lbs, it’s not necessarily the portable kind but moving it shouldn’t be a tremendous effort for two people.

Built similar to an acoustic piano, it offers many more features that cannot be found in this price range at many models.

2.Yamaha DGX660

Yamaha DGX660
Yamaha DGX660

Being an advanced version to the Yamaha DGX650, the Yamaha DGX660 is a top of the line digital piano designed with advance features and impressive sound and instrument quality.

This new version is positive and futuristic approach of Yamaha to offer wireless connectivity so that pianists could work more and more with iPad, iPhones etc.

This piano can be truly termed as a good step on with introduction of microphone that enables pianists to enjoy playing and singing together without the need of including anything from outside the package.

This piano features the same high quality in terms of construction, touch and sound as is offered with the DGX650 and thus offers a great value for money.

Pure CF sound sampling, full size graded hammer standard keyboard, split action and every other thing that was with the DGX650 is included here. Another impressive feature that I personally like is the Room Function that gives you ease of selecting a suitable piano type, room type with adjusted sound setting that gives you the outcome that you desire with the use of some push buttons only.

Chord display, recording function and there is much more to it that makes playing, singing, sharing, improving and repeating piano music a whole lot easier.

3.Yamaha DGX650 Digital Piano

Yamaha DGX650 Digital Piano
Yamaha DGX650 Digital Piano

Yamaha is one of the top most brands in the world of digital pianos. The brand has earned tremendous recognition via the quality of products it provides.

Yamaha DGX650 is the most versatile and feature laden piano that you will find in the market. It is marketed primarily towards beginning pianists and semi-professional players. It captures some incredible features that make with a whole lot of playing experience easier and more comfortable.

The best part is that it has a keyboard that provides an acoustic piano tone and touch as well as the ability to blend piano sounds, sampled from some of Yamaha’s finest pianos.

4.Roland RD 300 NX Digital Piano

Roland RD 300 NX Digital Piano
Roland RD 300 NX Digital Piano

A lot of pianists now claim that digital pianos, have tremendously overpowered the acoustic pianos.  Digital pianos are a more advanced version of a traditional acoustic piano. They basically simulate the way a real piano sound and is played.

A digital piano has no hammers, strings or any of the moving parts you find in an acoustic piano. However, better quality digital pianos may have a weighted key action feature that tries to imitate the feel of an acoustic piano keyboard.

Amongst this cut throat competition, few brands manage to gain the limelight due to their exceptional and magnificent product quality. Roland is no different.

We selected the Roland RD-300NX Digital Piano for those of you who want to take it to the next level. This is a professional tool that is best suited for those who want to play to large crowds or take their piano lessons to the stage.

It’s a fine musical instrument for people who are really serious about it, having a higher than average price tag. The good part is that the high price tag is perfectly justified. It’s a lot of technology packed in a portable size of only 38.2 lbs. It’s well suited for frequent change of location. Feeling and sounding like an acoustic piano, this is the perfect choice for musicians.

Now that you have read all the details that relate to a best digital piano, we hope that you will be able to make a right purchase decision.

Remember that choosing a digital piano is surely a significant step towards learning to play this beautiful instrument but you should consider all the details that we have shared here for learning to play a digital piano.

Learning this instrument would need you to have patience as this process would be slow and steady and the more you follow instructions related to learning, more improvement you will witness in your performance. More at

The sole purpose of this site is to provide pianists a complete guide for purchase, learning and maintenance of their digital pianos irrespective of the brand or model they choose. For those who have a decent budget, you can opt for one of the top 4 pianos.

Apart from these there are other pianos as well offering you astounding functions and features that you can contemplate for purchase.

Though if you already are using a grand piano, no digital piano will be able to beat its experience but when it comes to convenience in the form of portability and when you are short of space and doesn’t want to spend thousands of dollars for a piano, digital piano should be the best choice for you.

Take some time to decide, better read our reviews before making a purchase. May you be an absolute beginner or a pro piano player; you can make a selective purchase of a piano that fits in your requirement well.