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Lighting of any ambience plays a vital role in creating the type of atmosphere we’re looking for. When it comes choosing the best LED tube light, we need to keep in mind our specific lighting requirements. Selecting the best LED tube light depends on a lot factors like how much light is needed or what is the purpose of that room and so on.

So we might prefer some different sort of LED tube light for our kids’ room than our kitchen, or might need to create a completely different lighting atmosphere in our bed room than our office. You know your requirements the best, so always keep them in mind while choosing the best LED light for any ambience. More at

Here are the reviews of 5 best LED Lights which are found to be so good in all aspects that they’ll work the best wherever you like to fit them:

1.LED Tube Lights by Hyperikon

Mostly we prefer LED lights on florescent tubes for saving energy and if this is what you’re looking for Hyperion LED tube lights are there for you. With these lights fitted you’ll definitely be able to cut down a great deal on your electricity bills.

You can get these premium quality best LED tube lights in different diameters according to your requirements and the company provides a 5 years warranty to ensure the quality of their product.

2.JESLED 4FT LED Tube Lights Bulbs

JESLED has come with the best LED tube light which’s not only amazing at saving energy but also has an astonishing life of upto 50000 hours. So you can imagine, once fitted, these LED lights can be good for such a long time that the little money you need to spend is worth it.

3.Sunco Lighting 4Ft T8 LED Tube Lights

Sunco Lighting has designed the best LED tube lights for bright and comfortable day light atmosphere. These lights need single ended power supply and thus are easiest to install in a few minutes. Sunco LED tube lights are relatively affordable still having the best quality along with 5 years warranty.

4.Feit Electric T24/850/LED Lights

These Feit LED lights are just 2 feet tube using only upto 10w and are still brightly luminous creating a day like atmosphere in your room. So whether it’s your study or living room, you can enjoy the light of Feit LED tubes around you anytime.

These lights are also easy to install and are good at energy saving. So these small tubes are no less than any bigger ones in their performance or quality standard at all.

5.Fulight T8 LED Tube Light

Fulight LED tube lights are 2 Ft 12 Inches long and are super easy to install. This light works perfectly well on just 10w and still provides the goodness of fluorescent tube light which can use upto 18w.

It’s powered on both ends and has the lifetime of around 50000 hours on average. Its single row of LED lights shines brightly through it’s clear cover turning your room into an even lovelier palace.

LED light is a beautiful replacement of traditional florescent tubes. These are good for saving energy and last a longer duration of time. Now most of the companies are producing easy to install designs with best possible features, so you can find a nice variety to choose the best LED light for your rooms. More at